Frozen products

We specialize in handling and storage of frozen fish products and fruits. We have three cold stores with refrigerated storage for 24.000 pallets in mobile racks and 6.500 in bulk.

The temperature range is -30°C to +13.8°C.

All storage facilities are designed to maintain optimum product quality.

Woodpulp and forest products

We are dedicated terminal for handling of woodpulp and forest products. With highly qualified personnel and specialized equipment we provide efficient and professional handling of woodpulp.

At this moment for storage of woodpulp and forest products we have dedicated modern warehouse space of 27.000 m2.

Directly next to the warehouse there are railway tracks, which is big asset to provide service of such type of cargo. Woodplup and hardboards are handled in all possible relations with using professional equipment.

Breakbulk and steel products

Our terminal handles and stores among others:

- aluminium: slabs, billets, wire coils

- steel products, such as: pipes, rods, profiles, coils, billets, metal sheets, metal rolls, slabs

- building materials: mineral wool, cement, floor panels, decorative bricks, window blinds, also tiles or sanitary ceramics which require special care

- electrode paste


The terminal is equipped to handle containers and we also carry out stuffing and stripping of containers.

Oversized cargo and project cargo

Euro Terminal has an extensive experience in handling oversized cargoes. For handling operation we use modern mobile cranes Liebherr. Experience of our personnel allows for efficient and safe handling of oversized steel constructions, or particularly demanding windmill parts, which became speciality of our company.

We furthermore handle special cargoes such as boats, engines, offshore constructions, and other project cargoes.


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