We have first degree of International Code for the Security of Ships and Port Facilities (ISPS), fenced area of the terminal, internal monitoring, alarm system and fire-fighting system.

Additionally safety of the terminal is provided by professional company having license of objects, personal and property protection.


Euro Terminal has a total area of 53 ha, including 46 ha within Free Trade Zone.


Terminal has two dock basins with six piers:

Atlantic Basin: in total 1.100 mtrs of piers (Rozładunkowe Pier, TOP Pier, Remontowe Pier)

Design depth: 9,5 m

Permissible draught: 8,5 m

Baltic Basin: in total 1.050 mtrs of piers (Wyposażeniowe Pier, NOK Pier, Zaopatrzeniowe Pier)

Design depth: 7,5 m

Permissible draught: 6,3 m

Cold stores

There are three cold stores on the terminal with total storage area of 14.000 m2 for 24.000 pallets in mobile racks and 6.500 in bulk.

The temperature range is -30oC to 13,8oC.

Warehouse space

Terminal has 27.000 m2 of warehouse space dedicated for storage of woopulp, forest products and breakbulk cargo.

Open air storage

There is 300.000 m2 of open air storage designed for oversized cargo, project cargo, breakbulk and steel or forest products.

Railway siding

The terminal has 8.736 m of railway siding, ideal for block train operations. It comes directly to warehouse what gives the possibility of faster and more convenient handling of cargo transported by rail and intended to store in warehouse.

We use our own locomotives to provide a shuttle service between our terminal and the nearby freight terminal of the Polish railway system.


Terminal owns a specialized parking with entrance gate system to the Free Trade Zone. Parking has 53 parking spaces for trucks and 33 for cars.

Handling equipment

Terminal owns specialized operation equipment for handling of different kinds of cargoes.

1 mobile crane Liebherr LHM 280 with lifting capacity of 84 tons

1 mobile crane Liebherr LHM 180 with lifting capacity of 64 tons

1 reachstacker Liebherr LRS 645 with lifting capacity of 45 tons

40 forklifts with lifting capacity 2 - 16 tons, including specialized equipment for handling of woodpulp

2 tractors and fleet of trailers with carrying capacity of 25 -100 tons


Euro Terminal Co Ltd., Poland, 72-602 Swinoujscie, ul. Jana Soltana 1, Phone: +48 91 321 65 11, Email: